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    JC Automation (JCA) was founded in 1997 as a Consulting Firm, focused in adding value to its customers by helping them achieve the highest standards of productivity and quality.  JCA utilizes the latest proven technologies to benefit its customers with sound, cost-effective technological or procedural solutions.


    Today JCA's commitment is to add value to our customers' business by providing superior Information Technology, Regulatory Compliance and Automation services through our skilled motivated workforce and highly developed teamwork ("HD Teamwork").


    We will help your organization by providing our expertise as Contractors, Outsource or Project Based. The main difference is between processand result. As a contractor you define the process and our team will worktowards its completion. As project based you specify the results and we will design processes for the most suitable course of action. As outsource we will simply take over and you will benefit from the outcome.

    We can also help you with industry specialized staffing services. Let us help you find the right candidates for the right type of jobs.
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    • Johnson & Johnson IT Partner of the year – Award by strategic sourcing 2011
    • PRMA Executive of the Year (central-eastern region) 2011
    • Puerto Rico Minority Supplier Development Council MBE Supplier of the year ($1-$10MM category) – 2009
    • Johnson & Johnson IT Partner of the year – Award by strategic sourcing 2008
    • Quest Excellence Kaizen Award Filler Project – Conor Menlo Park 2009
    • High Availability solution for MES System – Outstanding Computing Implementation Award by CIPR 2007
    • IT Customer Services Excellence Awards
    • Cordis LLC IT Customer Service Excellence Award Computer System Validation Excellence Award 2006
    • Cordis LLC Project Management Excellence Award Data Center Design and Construction 2006
    • Cordis LLC Project Management & Inter-Departmental Liaison IT / Facilities 2005
    • Next Generation LAN Project McNeil LP and McNeil FW – recognized by CIO with the JNJ Team Work Crown of Excellence Award 2002
    • Puerto Rico DSM Team - recognized by CIO with the JNJ Team Work Crown of Excellence Award 2002
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    Tablet Press

    • Implementation of new tablet press machines
      Remediation and retrofit of 7 tablet press
      Integration of 15 Checkmaster system to tabletpress – automatic in process inspection system


    • Glatt retrofit project
      Replacement of obsolete pneumatic control systems


    • Addition of new product formulas for automationcontrolled systems


    • Manufacturing and Packaging Operations (SolidDosage)

    Air Handling Units

    • Production rooms segregation to prevent cross-contamination
      Validation (CSV) of Air Handling unit systems

    21 CFR Part 11 Remediation

    • Crisp/32 remediation – 25 systems - $10MM costavoidance
      Analytical Laboratory instrumentation

    MES High Availability

    • Manufacturing Execution System

As a professional, you are aware that adding value to your business is crucial especially in these days were your business has competitors from all over the world. In order to succeed, your business must continuously evolve to be more efficient and properly prepared to face today's challenges. Assessing process performance, designing new platforms, implementing new technologies, optimizing core processes, updating your current infrastructure, adding new capabilities and meeting regulatory compliance are just some of the challenges you must face every day. In addition to these strategic initiatives the business day-to-day activities keep making your days shorter while at the same time your project deadlines remain unchanged.


     As a service provider we also faced global competition and understand the importance of continuous improvement initiatives that help us deliver value to our customers.


     In addition to provide services, we also receive them, we are customers too and we know how critical it is that our suppliers deliver the results that we need in terms of time, completeness and cost. We had seen the challenges of dealing with a poor performer supplier and the value that great service can provide our organization.


     We believe that delivering high quality service is about putting together three core elements: service oriented culture, exceptional workforce and strong structured service delivery framework.

  Great customer service is an art and developing a service-oriented culture that understands the value of accountability, dependability, desire, vanguard spirit, availability and loyalty represents for our customers is our way to deliver value. Our resources distributed around 24 cities (and growing) around the world act as one united force. Working as a single unit is the key to our success.


     Our ever-growing workforce is carefully selected to have a perfect balance between education, experience and passion. We understand the criticality of matching service requirements and resource capabilities in order to achieve success. That is why we put great emphasis on our workforce continues education plans and we provide structured programs based on knowledge transfer sessions (KT), instructor lead trainings, computerized learning tools, mentoring programs aligned with market needs, resource development plans and aspirations.


     A system composed of detailed planning processes, constant customer communication, strategic technological solutions and customer-focused management provide basis of our service framework that allows us to deliver value added services. The framework is structure and is constantly revised to assure it stays current with customer and marker ever changing demands.


    We invite you to contact JC Automation team; together we can create solutions that add value to your business.